How Old Should a Puppy be Before Traveling Internationally?

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What documents will I need to bring my dog into the United States? Also I was told that puppies need to be at least three months old to enter the state, is that so? And can a local veterinarian prepare the health docs for the puppy?

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Hi Ruth,

Thanks, those are great questions. The United States has relatively easy pet import rules -- essentially you need proof that the rabies vaccine is up to date and you need a vet health certificate telling the airline that your dog is healthy and fit to fly. Yes, a local vet can help you with this.

In terms of age, our company recommends that dogs be at least 16 weeks old before they fly. At this point your puppy will be better able to withstand the travel experience and can be vaccinated against rabies, so for safety's sake we suggest you wait at least that long.

For more information about government regulations for traveling with a puppy, take a look at the USDA website. Finally, as always, we recommend discussing any health concerns you may have with your veterinarian. 

If you have any more questions about choosing an airline, selecting a travel crate, or anything else related to travel, please peruse our website, give us a call, or fill out our online consultation form if you'd like to learn more about our door-to-door services.

Thanks again for reaching out, and good luck with your pet travels!


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