How to Arrange an Australia Pet Move

Name: Juli-anne
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Dog, Cat
Pet Breed: Friese Stabijhoun and American Shorthair Cat
From: The Netherands
To: Sydney, Australia

We are US Citizens living in the Netherlands and are likely moving to Sydney, Australia. I have done my research and know that import to Australia can be complex, but you can avoid the six month quarantine and cut it to one month if you follow the right steps.

It appears you only work with US clients, do you know of any pet relocation specialists that can help us here in the Netherlands? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Hi Juli-anne,

Thanks for your question! You're right, moving pets to Australia requires quite a bit of paperwork and preparation, however we do it all the time and would be happy to advise you. Go over the pet import requirements for Australia if you need to double check anything, and take a look at our blog for stories of pets that have moved to Australia.

We do work with clients all over the world, not just the United States. If you choose us to help with your relocation, this means that we'll be hiring agents in the Netherlands to assist you (as well as to help with customs clearance, etc. in Australia). Frankly this will add to the overall cost of your move, so if you'd rather arrange all or part of it yourself, you can check for information about pet shippers in your area.

We'd be happy to offer you a quote for our services if you're interested (just fill out this form), and if not, good luck with everything!



PetRelocation Team




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