Make a Difference, Celebrate Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week

Do even the slightest amount of reading and research, and you'll turn up a very sad fact -- animal shelters are overcrowded and many pets need loving homes. Not only is it important to adopt pets from these facilities rather than turning to a breeder or online source (which often turns out to be a pet scam, by the way), you might want to think about adopting a "less adoptable" pet.

This week (Sept. 17-25) is dedicated to all the less-obviously-adoptable pups and kitties out there, so if you've been thinking of bringing a lucky pet home for good (or even to foster), now is the perfect time! Check out the shelters in your area today (here in Austin we have Austin Pets Alive! and Town Lake Animal Shelter, among others).

Above all it's important to find a dog or cat that will be a good fit in your household, but this doesn't necessarily mean picking out the cutest or youngest puppy or kitten. Animals with black fur, cats who are FIV+, older pets, pittbull mixes, and those with minor health issues are all commonly overlooked. These pets could turn out to be just as playful, sweet and loving as the more photogenic ones, and adopting them can be extremely rewarding.

Need a little more inspiration? Read this heartwarming story about Abby, a sweet dog who managed to find a forever home when she won the heart of an unsuspecting vacationer. Have you adopted a gem like Abby? Share your stories with us here or on Facebook!

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