Moving a Dog to Australia: Learning from Chunk’s Relocation

chunkTips for Bringing Dogs to Australia 

Because it's a faraway destination and operates as a rabies-free country, Australia can create a lot of confusion when it comes to pet moves. Which airlines fly pets there? When should the planning process begin? If you're plotting a move like this and have yet to check in with a Pet Relocation Consultant, read on to find out what lies ahead.

We were lucky to help a French Bulldog named Chunk move from Arizona to Australia, an experience that proved more complicated than Chunk's owners initially realized it would be. They made it home eventually, however, and here are a few lessons they learned along the way:

-Part of the Australia import requirements include undergoing a Rabies test, known as the Titer test. This entails having your pet's blood tested and sent to a lab, and then having the results certified by a government-approved entity (this is the USDA if you're in the United States, for example).

-The date when the blood is drawn for this test is when the 190-day quarantine period begins. This is an important detail to note, as it will obviously determine when your pet will ultimately be free to come home to you! Chunk's parents found this one out the hard way and ended up experiencing some delays -- another reason it's best to contact PetRelocation as soon as you know you're moving so that we can help things go as smoothly as possible.

-We advise this for every pet move: choose a pet-friendly airline. "Pet-friendly" means they don't just accept pets on board, they have a thoughtful pet policy in place and make sure animals are never left to sit on the tarmac.

-Check with the quarantine facility ahead of time to find out how they operate. Chunk's parents were luckily able to work around the hours and rules of the facility (they brought their own food to help deal with Chunk's food allergies and could make the weekday afternoon visiting hours work with their schedules). Overall, just know that Australia pet quarantine isn't nearly as scary as most people initially think. 

For further reading, take a look at our Australia pet travel guide and contact us if you need some help bringing pets to Australia!


Editor's Note: This post was originally published in July 2011 and has been updated with new information.


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