Moving Pets to Costa Rica - Buta and Luna’s Move!

Name: Marlis
PetsName: Buta and Luna
From: San Francisco
To: Costa Rica

I am so impressed by When my husband and I decided to move to Cosa Rica for a year or two, we realized there was no way we could leave our pets behind. Buta, our cattle dog, is 15 years old and we might never see him again. Our dogs are part of our family and, even though it seemed complicated to bring them, we had to do it. I found through a Google search and had no personal references for them. They were incredibly professional and organized. All of the aspects of the move were managed flawlessly - from paperwork to airport transportation to making sure they were let out of their crates between flights. Cara managed my "case" and practically served as my therapist as I was tearfully awaiting the arrival of my beloved K-9's. When they arrived, I couldn't believe it. They were fine and now we are all together in the Costa Rican jungle. I am so happy to be here with my dogs and would receommend to anyone who needs to move a pet.


PetRelocation Team




South America
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