Moving Pets to Costa Rica: Is Quarantine Required Returning to the US?

Hi PetRelocation,

I would like to move my dog to Costa Rica and I plan on staying there for 1-3 years. What will be the process like trying to bring her home? I know Costa Rica does not have a quarantine but will the US hold her on the way back home?

Thanks for the pet transport information!


Hi Meghan,

Moving pets to and from Costa Rica, once you have sorted out the flights, is fairly simple. To bring a pet back into the pet friendly US, please see our US Pet Import Requirements page. At this time, there is no quarantine for domestic dogs and cats coming into the US (excluding Hawaii) from anywhere in the world.

Moving pets to Costa Rica, you will need to fulfill Costa Rica's Pet Import Requirements.

Let us know if you have questions about these requirements or if you need any help with your move! Have a good trip!


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