Moving Pets to India?  Be Prepared to Be Patient

Dear PetRelocation,

Its a possibility that I may be thinking of relocating to Goa, India for a few years from the UK. However, I would only do this if it were possible to bring my animals with me without going through lengthy quarantine processes. I own cats, a dog and Sugar Gliders (a possum).





For the past two years, I primarily handled relocations to and from the Asia-Pacific, including moving pets to India.  Because many companies are now expanding in places like Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai, a lot of pet owners find themselves having to tackle the prospect of taking a job in a country that is the most populous democracy in the world.

This doesn't make traveling into India with pets any easier, however.  Over the last year, in its attempt to cut down on animal diseases traveling in and out of the country, India has significantly limited the ability for expats & Indian nationals alike to bring pets into the country.

To answer Roxy's question, I can say with certainty that if she were to fulfill all of the necessary import requirements for both her cats and dog, she should not have any problem importing them.  Those requirements can be found on our India Pet Import Requirements page.

As for the sugar gliders, India currently only allows people to move personal pets that are dogs and cats into the country.  All other animals are treated as commercial importations, meaning that while it may not be possible, you will have to fulfill quite a few import requirements, tests, obtain permits, etc. in order to enter the country.

Good luck with your decision and we are always happy to help you with your pet move!

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