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Dear PetRelocation,

Its a possibility that I may be thinking of relocating to Goa, India for a few years from the UK. However, I would only do this if it were possible to bring my animals with me without going through lengthy quarantine processes. I own cats, a dog and Sugar Gliders (a possum).





For the past two years, I primarily handled relocations to and from the Asia-Pacific, including moving pets to India.  Because many companies are now expanding in places like Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai, a lot of pet owners find themselves having to tackle the prospect of taking a job in a country that is the most populous democracy in the world.

This doesn't make traveling into India with pets any easier, however.  Over the last year, in its attempt to cut down on animal diseases traveling in and out of the country, India has significantly limited the ability for expats & Indian nationals alike to bring pets into the country.

To answer Roxy's question, I can say with certainty that if she were to fulfill all of the necessary import requirements for both her cats and dog, she should not have any problem importing them.  Those requirements can be found on our India Pet Import Requirements page.

As for the sugar gliders, India currently only allows people to move personal pets that are dogs and cats into the country.  All other animals are treated as commercial importations, meaning that while it may not be possible, you will have to fulfill quite a few import requirements, tests, obtain permits, etc. in order to enter the country.

Good luck with your decision and we are always happy to help you with your pet move!

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By on June 16, 2009 at 3:41 pm

This is 100% Fraud all relocation agents are cooking stories to hire them on relocation for unreasonable cost. There is no such NOC required to obtain from India before entry. NOC will be given by Indian authorities after examining the pet physically along with Health Certificate.

Clearance Procedure at Destination for international flights:


  • The quarantine officer will inspect the animal and verify its health. Fees may apply for some countries.
  • Based on the physical condition of the animal and the health certificate, a "No objection for import" will be issued by quarantine officer.
  • Based on the No Objection and other supporting documents required by the local Customs, the pet will be cleared through Customs and handed over to the passenger.
  • Pets that do not clear requirements may be shipped back to the country of origin, vaccinated, quarantined or destroyed.

Hyderabad Now has an Animal Quarantine office opened too and can receive  pets directly from any nations in the world.

All these pet relocation agents deny that Hyderabad can receive pets.  This prooves that they are liars.


By Pet Relocation on May 29, 2009 at 9:26 am

Hi Anon.,

The NOC is most definitely required to enter India.  If it is not obtained, your friend's dog will likely be sent back to the country of origin at the pet owner's expense, at the discretion of the government.  The Indian government also reserves the right to quarantine or destroy the pet, unfortunately.

If your friend has friends/family/colleagues in India, she can obtain the NOC through them by having them go to a customs agent.

Or, have her contact us and we can help her with her dog's move!



By Pet Relocation on June 16, 2009 at 4:11 pm


If this is fraud, we would like to hear it straight from the source.

Here is a link to the official government document issued by India that states they require, as of September 15, 2008, an "Advance NOC" prior to the pets arrival.  You will see that they used to issue a NOC after arrival (like you are stating, and like JetAirways states on their website) however due to having to send pets back to their place of origin because the paperwork wasn't in order, they now require a NOC to be issued in advance.  As you will see on the document (emphasis theirs):

It was observed in the past that the airline was lifting livestocks without knowing the health requirements of the country.  After arrival of the animals without proper health requirements/guidelines of GOI, it is very difficult to deport or destroy these animals.  The step of giving ADVANCE NOC is necessary to prevent the entry of livestock which are not fulfilling the health guidelines.

As a company there is no fiscal or moral benefit for us to make up documents or requirements for another country.  It only makes our job harder to obtain these documents, and assist people as best we can (often times for free, like we did here) who are unable to obtain them on their own.  I even suggested to the second commenter that she try to get a friend or family member to help her with the NOC so she doesn't have to go through us or pay a customs agent.  I see no benefit to pet relocation companies in that.

Regarding Hyderabad and your link saying they allow pets to enter, it merely states that pets can enter as "excess luggage" now. They still cannot -- to our knowledge -- arrive as manifest cargo or unaccompanied luggage.  This means that they must arrive with their owners, or not at all.  We send pets into Hyderabad and have moved them out as well, however we always have to have an agent accompany them.  In the case of the pet owner who would like to move their pet as cargo, they are not able to move them into the country.  Your link says so clearly:

  • Pet dogs and pet cats along with accompanied baggage as permitted under baggage rules;
  • Laboratory animals such as rats, mice and guinea pigs for Research and Development purposes

Also, I would like you to pay attention to the fact that we were 100% truthful in this scenario, as the pet owner was moving to Goa (so the issue of Hyderabad didn't even come up) with a sugar glider, which is neither a pet dog nor a pet cat, nor a "laboratory animal." 

You should consider getting your facts straight before you begin accusing someone who is merely helping others a fraud.


By on May 28, 2009 at 5:15 pm


Were you able to move your dog to India without that NOC stuff ??

Please let me know where you stand, as my friend is stuck with a dog in Muscat and we are confused whether NOC is required or not to India.


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