Pakistan and Pets!

Pakistan - A country well known for its military rule currently and also a prominent member of the Muslim community across the world. Since its independence in 1947 the country along with its neighbor India has made good progress in all fields. The country has made a huge mark on the world through its sports and politics which are the 2 most important parts of any Pakistani citizen. The country has varieties of climates across different regions making it a very diverse country.

The different types of natural features range from the sandy beaches, lagoons, and mangrove swamps of the southern coast to preserved beautiful moist temperate forests and the icy peaks of the Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountains in the north.

Hindu Kush mountains host about 108 peaks above 7,000 metres (23,000 ft) high that are covered in snow and glaciers. Five of the mountains in Pakistan (including Nanga Parbat) are over 8,000 metres (26,000 ft). Due to these features the northern parts of Pakistan attract a large number of foreign tourists. So you might be spending a lot of your time in the northern parts of this country during your travel.

The climate varies as much as the scenery, with cold winters and hot summers in the north and a mild climate in the south, moderated by the influence of the ocean. The central parts have extremely hot summers with temperatures rising to 45 0C (113 F), followed by very cold winters, often falling below freezing. РSo with extreme temperatures in this country its always better to be prepared to counter the humid and cold seasons. Your pet might enjoy a wollen couch in winters and lots of fluid diet in summers. So make sure your pet is given what he requires.

The wide variety of landscapes and climates in Pakistan allows for a wide variety of wild animals and birds. In the sandy scrublands of central Pakistan are found jackals, hyenas, wild cats, panthers, and leopards while the clear blue skies abound with hawks, falcons, and eagles.

In the south, there are crocodiles in the murky waters at the mouth of the IndusRiver whilst on the banks of the river, there are boars, deer, porcupines, and small rodents. In the southwestern deserts are rare Asiatic cheetahs.

There are many varieties of endangered animals including Marco Polo sheep, Urial sheep, Markhor and Ibex goats, black and brown Himalayan bears, and the rare Snow Leopard in the northern regions. The presence of such wide variety of animals in the country makes it the most favored place for the establishment of several wildlife sanctuaries.

So your pet might just enjoy watching his friends in wild but make sure he is leashed or else he might find a friend in the wild without you noticing it.

If you are moving with pets to Pakistan or need to set up pet travel from Pakistan, please let us know.


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