Pet-Friendly Holidays: UK Pet Owners Love The Eurotunnel

According to the Daily Mail, a record number of people are bringing their pets along with them when using the Eurotunnel to travel between the UK and France. About 1,000 pets traversed the tunnel using the service Le Shuttle last weekend, which is a 20 percent increase over their previously all-time busiest weekend.

As long as pets meet the requirements of the Pet Travel Scheme they can be re-admitted to the UK, so for pet owners up to speed with microchips and rabies vaccines it's pretty easy to bring their furry family members along on their holiday adventures—no wonder more than 750,000 pets have used Le Shuttle so far.

When it comes to pet travel trends, we love to hear that it's becoming easier than ever for families to include their pets when they leave home. A pet-friendly world is a world we're happy to be a part of!


steveonjava via flickr


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