Pet Friendly Living in Los Angeles - LAX and Beyond

Continuing our monthlong Pet Friendly Airport Spotlight series, this week we've introduced you to the pet friendly amenities at LAX. This airport stays pretty busy, so pet travelers will be happy to find five different pet relief areas on its premises.

Whether Los Angeles is where you live or you're flying in for a visit, you're probably aware of the fact that this can be an amazingly pet friendly city. Since we're on the topic of travel and focusing on this West Coast destination, we thought we'd take a moment to celebrate the pet-friendliness of Los Angeles itself.

Traveling there soon? Here are a few resources that will help you make the most of the city.


Grand Hope Park, Los Angeles (photo by Ricardo Diaz)

-The Official Guide to Los Angeles offers several great ideas for staying busy during a long weekend in this sun-drenched city, including a list of pet friendly hotels here.

-Pet friendly restaurants of all variety (vegan Ethiopian, anyone?) can be found in L.A., so don't feel like you need to leave your pup behind when it's time to dine.

-If you're a dog lover traveling to or through Los Angeles, you'll find yourself with ample opportunity to stock up on various accessories you may not find anywhere else. Find high-tech toys, gilded water bowls or studded collars for your furry little starlet at any of these specialty shops and boutiques.

-Finally, a few weeks ago we told you about a few helpful iPhone apps that might come in handy while traveling; this dog park finder would surely be a useful tool to use while out and about in L.A., and so would Pawtrotter, an application that locates pet-friendly businesses of all kinds.

Have you spent time in Los Angeles with your pet - either at an airport or in the city itself? What are your favorite pet friendly places in L.A.?

PetRelocation's Pet Friendly Airport Spotlight series features a few airports with noteworthy pet relief areas. These Spotlights will highlight one airport each week, Monday through Thursday, through the month of November. We'll take a look at the various aspects of the pet areas, including the amenities offered and their general accessibility.


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