Pet Move Customer Story: Itty Bitty’s Move to South Korea

Name: Richard & Pattye
Pet's Name: Itty Bitty
From: Houston, Texas
To: Ulsan, South Korea

I accepted a position with my company that required me to relocate to Ulsan, South Korea. My wife said as long as Itty Bitty could go she was okay with the relocation. explained the relocation process and ensured us of a smooth transition. Of course my wife was still skeptical, as this is her baby!

We completed the veterinary process and the USDA (APHIS) paperwork and submitted everything back to, who handled everything for us. They scheduled the flights and pick up and delivery. This service was door-to-door. The young man that picked up Itty Bitty was pleasant and explained the trip to us and further eased the stress on my wife, although she cried when he left with the dog.

We were contacted via email and phone explaining where Itty Bitty was during her travels. Miss Gina who received the dog in Korea and took her through customs went out of her way to send photos and arranged to meet us upon our arrival in Ulsan. We arrived at our destination at 9 p.m. on a Saturday evening and there was Miss Gina with Itty Bitty. I had to stop my wife from jumping out of the car to see her little dog.

Itty Bitty was playful and did not show any sign of stress after the long journey. We had moved from Mississippi to Texas a few years back, and I believe this was more stressful than her move to Korea.

I want to thank all involved in the care and help provided by the Pet Relocation team. It shows they care about what they do and put the focus on the pet. My wife was especially happy to know each step her dog was going through and how well she was when she got her here in Korea. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the team for making this a stress-free transition for our dog and for my wife.


PetRelocation Team




United States
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