Pet Move Customer Story: Moving from India to South Korea

From a recent customer:

Let me start off by saying that my dog, Molly, arrived safely at the intended destination. Although I had heard about the good services of PetRelocation and their genuine interest in the health and well-being of pets, I must admit that in a corner of my mind there was still a small doubt. But it all seemed unnecessary when I saw Molly arrive at my doorstep.

Not to mention his health, his state was exactly the way it was when I saw him last. All the people who handled Molly in India and Korea seemed genuinely interested in animals and have been good caretakers.

The process went smoothly and everything went well in the end. I would recommend PetRelocation to those who are concerned about the health of their pets and also the complicated process of moving.



PetRelocation Team




India, South Africa
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