Pet Move Customer Story: “What a wonderful experience!”

Name: Katherine
Pets' Names: Mina and Shadow
From: New Jersey
To: North Carolina

My partner was offered a job in North Carolina, quite the distance from New Jersey. When her new employer offered to help us relocate the cats I realized it was best to have the professionals take care of Mina and Shadow than for me to put them in a car for 10 to 12 hours.

What a wonderful experience. From the beginning, PetRelocation was there to answer all my questions and address every concern. Because Mina and Shadow had never traveled before, the representative at PetRelocation gave me numerous suggestions on how to prepare the cats for what was a wonderful travel day.

On the day of travel, the local representative, who picked Mina and Shadow up to get them to the airport, sat down with me and explained the full procedure and what I and the cats could expect throughout the day.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I received an email letting me know that "Mina and Shadow are in the air." Of course my favorite email was the one that said "Mina and Shadow have landed." Just knowing where Mina and Shadow were throughout the travel day made my day much less stressful.

My partner received the cats in North Carolina. She said the delivery process went very smoothly. For her, it was wonderful that PetRelocation had a representative to meet the cats at the airport and drive them to our new address. Mina and Shadow are doing wonderfully and settling into their new surroundings very nicely.

Thank you to PetRelocation and all those who made the experience for myself, my partner, and Mina and Shadow stress free, comforting and enjoyable.





PetRelocation Team





United States
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