Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Snowy & Sheila’s Dog Move to Hong Kong

Name: Linda
Company: US Department of State
Pets' Names: Snowy and Sheila
From: Arlington, Virginia
To: Hong Kong

My name is Linda and I am a traveling spouse with the US State Department. We are a traveling family and we take our senior dogs, Snowy (13) and Sheila (14), everywhere we go - no matter the country. I am fully aware of the details of shipping our pets, as I had prepared all the paperwork, vaccinations, etc. for shipping, as excess baggage, our two large dogs to Chennai, India and back.

However our next post, Hong Kong, proved to be more than I could handle alone. The regulations are much stricter and our dogs would have to be cargo shipped -- something I was not prepared to handle by myself. I had read information from other people, blogs and ex-pat communities and all of them advised using a pet shipping company.

I chose and I must say it was a great choice! I worked with Jon, who informed me every step of the way of all the details, vaccinations, paperwork and items I had to prepare. He calmed my nerves when at the last moment our chosen airline decided to cease processing pets on the weekends. He rejoiced with me when the airlines said yes to arranging a shot of insulin for my diabetic dog, Snowy, on the Frankfurt stopover. He was thorough and informative and did not seem to mind my long emails and phone calls with many many questions.

Yes, pet shipping can be expensive, but just look at all the information that must be acquired, the phone calls, agents to arrange, pet pick up, pet drop off, USDA certifications, etc... agents are pros at all of this, and it was wonderful! I highly recommend them!

We are now in Hong Kong (see picture) and Sheila loves looking out at the city, while Snowy just sleeps the day away. Thanks again,, for all your help. You made a difficult task easy!!!


PetRelocation Team




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