Pet Move Spotlight: Four Pets Make the Most of Australian Quarantine

The word "quarantine" often strikes fear into the hearts of pet owners, but in reality these facilities are a necessary and non-scary part of an international relocation (see our recent coverage of Chunk the French Bulldog for a good example). Before choosing a facility it's wise to check out the details, of course, and not every place offers the same amenities or conditions, but for most people this ends up being a less-than-ideal but perfectly safe interlude that's just another part of the moving adventure.

Take this case, for example. We recently moved four pets to Australia, a rabies-free country with pretty stringent pet import requirements. Dogs Enid, Ruby and Tilly and their cat cohort Lulu have to spend a few weeks in a quarantine facility, but the good news is that they're there together. Their owners also have the chance to check on them thanks to the facility's practice of regularly posting online pictures of the pets being boarded.

three dogs

Tilly, Enid and Ruby hanging out together at the Sydney quarantine facility

Cheers to Dog Walks for offering this innovation, as any pet owner surely understands what a difference pictures can make. Quarantine facilities are often located a fair distance away from home and have limited visiting hours, which makes it hard for people to spend a lot of time with their little critters. Being able to check in on your pets from your smartphone or laptop can make the separation period much easier, and we won't be surprised to see this trend expand.

Though the dogs' mandated departure dates are different due to varying rabies requirements, their owners decided to make some adjustments so that no one would be left all alone (awwww....). Check out the pictures of these world-traveling pets -- looks like they're having a pretty good time!

kitty cat

And this is Lulu

Feel free to share any quarantine stories you may have, and keep following our blog for more Pet Move Spotlights.


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