Pet Move Spotlight: Sampson and Fiona

When moving from one state to another or across the world, there are a million things to arrange. Selling the old house, finding a new one, packing, hiring movers... The to-do list can go on for miles, and when pets are part of the equation, their well-being certainly ranks as a top priority.

It's this basic reality that caused Louis to hire us. This Chicago resident was starting a new job in India and he wanted some time to travel there, find a house, and settle in a little bit before his cats, Sampson and Fiona, joined him.


After enlisting the help of, Louis was able to fly to India a few days ahead of the cats while Christina, their Pet Relocation Specialist, arranged for them to have their final veterinary work done. A housesitter was watching Louis' home for him, so Christina had a local transport agent pick up the cats and take them to the vet. When it was time for the big move, the same agent returned and then took Sampson and Fiona to the airport, making sure they were properly checked in.

Louis said the cats arrived healthy and happy in Chennai, and he was able to locate kitty litter and litter boxes (which apparently aren't easy to come by in India) with the help of the local agent there.

Allowing the pets to fly separately and a little later made life easier in this case, and we were glad to help make Louis' move as stress-free as possible. We look forward to helping out if these three ever need to return to the US.



PetRelocation Team




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