Pet Relocation Specialists Discuss China Pet Shipping At Relocation Council Meeting

As we mentioned before, two of our expert Pet Relocation Specialists were invited to an industry council meeting last month to share their knowledge of pet shipping -- in particular, how to ship pets to China.

Ashley and Cara's appearance at the Charlotte Metro Area Relocation Council quarterly meeting rounded out a program presented in the form of a playful but informative newscast that was hosted by "Liv A. Broad" and "Emma Gration."

The day's discussions included a "The Road to China," a panel led by Romayne Dillner from AIRES, and "celebrity expat" Trish MacDonald from Shaw Group shared her first-hand experiences about being a worldly resident (who found the most stressful part of her travels to be moving her pet, by the way). That made for a nice segue into Cara and Ashley's contribution, "Fido in China - A Guide to Pet Life Abroad." In their presentation, Cara and Ashley did what they do best -- explained the process of moving pets to China, dispelled a few myths, and offered helpful tips for settling in once you arrive. They also showed a classic PetRelocation video that actually left the crowd a little misty-eyed -- if you're up for a good story, check out Dudley's arrival for yourself.

Attending an event like this revealed that a tight-knit community of relocation professionals exists in the Southeast, and Cara and Ashley were happy to participate while spreading the word about our little corner of that world. "Many in the relocation industry don't know where to start with their clients when it comes to moving a pet, and most people are unaware that services like ours exist," said Cara.

For China specifically, the pet import rules can be confusing and pet-friendly attitudes and facilities are harder to come by, so it makes sense to hire experts to assist you. Ashley has moved many pets to to this area, and finds that "most people discover that it's well worth it to get some help because Chinese procedures don't make it easy to pull off a do-it-yourself move."

We're proud that Ashley and Cara were able to represent at this meeting and share some of their valuable knowledge. Not many people out there know as much about shipping pets to China as these two do, which is why they've even been asked to lead pet shipping training sessions in the future.

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