Pet Shipping Tips: How to Travel Internationally With Cats

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I would like to head back to Taiwan from Boston for a few months. I would like to know how much will it cost to fly Mao, my cat, back to Taiwan with me and how long will it take? Anything I should consider before flying him?

It will be his first time traveling on a plane. He's nice but he has never traveled longer than a 5 hour drive.

Hi Zadia,
Thanks for your inquiry—these are all great questions.
Here are a few resources that will help you get started with your cat's trip to Taiwan:
In summary, a couple of the most important things you can do will be to choose a pet friendly airline and help your cat get used to the travel crate in the weeks before the move (remember that sedation is neither safe nor allowed by the airlines).
Note that since this trip will take several hours each way and will cost a few thousand dollars each way, you may want to consider whether or not it's worth it for you to bring your cat since it's not a permanent move. In cases like this, many pet owners decide to leave their pets with a trusted pet sitter rather than go through a lengthy and expensive travel process.
If decide to move forward and think you'd like some assistance with your move, you're welcome to contact us for a pet travel consultation.
Hope this helps, Zadia. Good luck with whatever you decide!
Pet Travel Question Details:
Name: Zadia

Estimated Move Date: 03/19/2016

Reason: Work

Departure: Boston, MA, United States

Arrival: Taipei, Taiwan

Pet: Mao: Cat, Domestic Short hair, 2 years old, 15 lbs, Male



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