Pet Transport and its Unnecessary Drama

How many times in your life do you think you will end up relocating with a dog? How many of these times do you think you will have an entire house full of goods that need to be relocated as well? And how many of these times do you think you will have kids to worry about? Hopefully not too many for your sake! Now just imagine the stress you might experience from having everything in order for your house and your kids but finding out last minute that you missed a crucial step in getting your dog ready! Maybe you don't have to imagine it because maybe you have already lived it!

A week before the flight you are frantically researching on the internet…dog shipping, dog transportation, pet transport, etc. If you are moving domestically, you might be able to get away with it but you better keep your fingers crossed that it's not too hot or too cold outside so the airlines will accept your pet. What happens if you are moving internationally? I'll bet that about a half hour into your research you are ready to start pulling your hair out. How many websites are out there that mention dog shipping, dog transportation or pet transport? How do you know if the information is accurate? Are there pieces of information missing that you just can seem to find?

Look no further. This is where we come in. (Actually, we prefer to step in a little sooner and spare you from the headache but we can certainly help you at this point too!). can answer all of your questions about dog shipping, dog transportation, pet transport and more! You may not be able to get your dog moved that week but you would at least be on the right track for a safe and smooth pet relocation.


PetRelocation Team




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