Whether you're facing a permanent or long-term move across the US or the globe, figuring out how to arrange safe dog transport can certainly be confusing.

But it doesn't have to be—shipping a dog domestically or internationally is feasible when you’re working with accurate information and when you follow the necessary protocol. Take a look at the information provided by our team to help better understand the dog shipping process, including national and international regulations.

If you'd like professional help ensuring your pets arrive safely to their new home, consider a dog transport service to help make the process easier.

Special Concerns for Shipping a Dog

How Do You Need To Move Your Pet?

Learn How We Move Your Pet

Every pet move is a little different, but we devote the same knowledge and care to each and every relocation.

Pet Travel Stories

Australia can certainly be a daunting country to consider moving your pets to. There are so many rules and steps that you could easily feel overwhlemed. That's why Stephanie contacted our Australia team when it was time to move her pup, Chipper, to Melbourne!   When I

Moving A Dog to Australia: Chipper’s Trip to Melbourne!

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