Flying With Older Dogs: A Comprehensive Guide to Safe Travel

How to Fly Safely With Older Dogs

Tips for a Comfortable and Safe Journey With Senior Dogs

Pet relocation can be a complex and challenging process, and when it comes to older dogs, special considerations are needed to ensure their safety and comfort during travel. The good news is that, with the right preparation and attention to detail, it's possible to carry out the journey safely and smoothly. Here are key tips to help you and your senior dog navigate the moving process:

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Special Considerations for Moving Senior Dogs

Note: Every pet move is unique, and these tips serve as a guideline for planning your senior dog's upcoming move. For personalized assistance, contact a PetRelocation specialist.

Vet Visits

Before planning your older dog's relocation, schedule a geriatric exam with your vet to uncover any underlying health issues and seek guidance on travel suitability. Your trusted vet's advice ensures a safe trip for your senior dog.

Senior dog, Stella, retired to Florida. 

Travel Crate

Crate training is essential in the months or weeks before the move, particularly if your older dog isn't accustomed to spending time in a crate. Ensuring they are comfortable in their crate as a safe space will help them remain calmer during travel. Consider your dog's breed and size when selecting the crate, and consult with your relocation coordinator to ensure the crate size is appropriate.

Older dogs, Taters and Chubs, moved to Germany

Food and Water

Senior dogs may have sensitive stomachs, so offer food mindfully (small amounts 2-3 hours before departure). Proper hydration is vital, so ensure plenty of water is available before and after the flight, and that water cups are securely affixed to the crate.

Pet-Friendly Airlines

Choose an airline with an established pet-safe program to provide the best care for your dog during transport. Ensure your dog will be kept in a temperature-controlled environment and given water as needed.

Senior pup, Parker, moved to Australia.

Setting an Example

Pets are attuned to your emotions, so staying calm and positive during the move is important. If you feel anxious, consider relaxation techniques and discuss concerns with your Relocation Specialist.

PetRelocation is here to assist you and your senior dog in planning a successful move. Our team of experts will ensure a comfortable and safe journey for your beloved companion.

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