Shipping a Senior Pet: Parker’s Move to Australia

Did you know we have a dedicated Australia and New Zealand team? Pet owners moving there can rest assured knowing their pet travel is being managed by experts who specialize in relocating animals to these two countries. Read what Parker's parents, Stacey and Andy, had to say about their experience moving a twelve-year-old Yorkie across the world. 

moving with senior petsHello PetRelocation!  We wanted to let you know we've all made it to our new home down unda' and can't thank you enough for everything you did to get our baby, Parker, here safe and sound.  

We knew your company was different from our first conversation with Maegan. She was so caring and considerate, and completely focused on making things easy for us and safe for Parker.  There was never a hard sales pitch or push; it was a genuine interest in helping us, and being the best handler for our baby.  I can't tell you how refreshing that was!  

When it was time to get into details, we worked with Nina, who was equally amazing and caring.  Nina was incredibly communicative with emails and phone calls - reminders, updates, coordination with the vet, basically, everything we needed to ensure Parker's import/export paperwork was correct and his travel was planned down to every last detail.  Even the vet office said how amazing Nina was to work with. Nina was great in giving us some options of additional services that could be provided to make Parker's layovers easier if we wanted them (we did!), or other things we could do to save some money.  Again, your team shines through as genuine caregivers and not pushy sales folks.  

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Nina took calls and emails from us at all hours of the day, night, week, and weekend when we got down to our final departure and was incredibly patient with us as we started our "OMG we're really doing this" freak out period.  Her calm and caring demeanor assured us that Parker was well taken care of, and his journey would be fine.  And just as Maegan and Nina suggested, Parker's travel went off without a hitch, and we were updated frequently throughout his journey.  We heard how every person he was interacting with was caring for him, doting on him, and giving him extra love while he was away from us.  We've laughed at how he probably had an easier and more luxurious trip than we did getting around the world!  It really was helpful in keeping us focused on our own relocation and travel, knowing he was in good hands the entire time.  

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We can't thank you guys enough for everything!  It hardly seems enough to write this note, but know your actions and care mean the world to us!  If we're moving again sometime, you're the first call we're making.  Best wishes for more safe, fun, furry travel! You guys are the best!

Thank you for trusting us with Parker's big move, Stacey and Andy! 

Pet Travel Details:

Pet's Name: Parker
Pet's Species: Dog
Pet's Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
From: Hermosa Beach, California, USA
To: Australia


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