Pet Travel Insurance vs. Pet Health Insurance

dogWe recently received a question from Laura, who was looking for solutions for pet insurance while shipping her pets:

Hi PetRelocation! I am curious if pet insurance is recommended/commonplace during the import/export process. Can you recommend good coverage? Are there any websites out there with more details? Thank you! -Laura

Pet insurance is something many pet owners choose to have, whether they're planning to travel or not. It's a personal choice and something to consider carefully, but many pet owners enjoy the security and peace of mind that goes along with being insured.

There are typically two kinds of pet insurance:  pet travel insurance and pet health insurance.

Pet Travel Insurance

Pet travel insurance is exactly what it sounds like: it covers expenses relating to accidents or issues when pets are traveling.  There are only a couple of pet travel insurance companies on the market right now, one of which being Pet Travel Insurance.  

Because it is generally safer to travel with pets when using professional services, at the moment they only work with pets who are traveling under the oversight of registered members of the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA).  They will cover vet bills and travel costs up to a certain amount based on how much your pet is insured for. 

These benefits typically only extend for the duration of time between when your pet is dropped off at one airport and picked up at its destination.

Pet Health Insurance

If you're looking for ongoing insurance, you might prefer to check out pet health insurance.  Pet health insurance is an ongoing type of insurance that some pet owners choose to have to make sure their pets are well covered in case of injury or disease.  Some pet health insurance companies will cover pets traveling internationally and domestically as well. 

It's usually best to ask around and make sure you know whether you're pet will be covered if you move overseas or to another state.  There are many different brands of pet health insurance on the market and each one has its own policy terms. We recently featured a guest blog post from Trupanion, a pet health insurance provider, and we did a post for them as well.

Use these as starting points for further pet health insurance research, do a few Google searches, talk to your vet, and check out Pet Insurance Review, which offers ratings and client reviews for pet insurance programs.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in October 2010 and has been updated with new information.


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