Pet Travel Q&A: Exporting Pets From Australia

Hi PetRelocation,

Is it possible to ship a dog from Australia to the Philippines? I know that Australia does not permit dogs from the Philippines... is it the same thing when it is the other way around (Australia to Philippines)?




Hi Jas,

Thanks for your question. The good news is that the Philippines is not rabies free (Australia is a rabies free county, which is why its import rules are so strict). Your dog can travel from Australia to the Philippines, and generally speaking, it will require fewer steps to prepare your pet for a move from Australia rather than to it.

That being said, you'll still need to fulfill the import requirements for the Philippines. As you'll see, you'll need an import permit, health certificate and proof of up to date vaccinations. Note that there is no quarantine required upon arrival as long as you meet the stated requirements.

Here are a few general tips to help with getting your dog ready for international travel. In addition to following the country rules, it's also important to help your dog acclimate to the travel crate and choose a pet friendly airline.

If you think you'd like some assistance with your move and would like to find out more about PetRelocation's door-to-door services, feel free to get started by filling out our online consultation form. Hope this helps to get you started!

Good luck with everything and please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


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Name: Jas
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Bull Terrier
From: Australia
To: Philippines


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