Pet Travel Quesiton: Sugar Gliders to Germany?

Hi PetRelocation,

I have a pair of sugar gliders and I'm moving from Malaysia to Germany early next year. I would need your advice on the process of moving with my sugar gliders.


Hi Nurul,

Thanks for the question! When wanting to move non-traditional pets so you'll need to check the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) species database to see what they have to say about sugar gliders.

Also, please take a look at the information we have on our site about moving exotic animals, and go straight to the source by contacting the appropriate German authorities.

As always, we recommend discussing any questions you have with your vet, as well. Sugar gliders can be sensitive travelers so it's important to set yourself up for success by taking precautions and following the advice of trusted medical professionals.
Good luck, and please contact us if you need any assistance!


Pet Transport Question Details:

Name: Nurul
Number of Pets: Two
Pet Type: Sugar Gliders
From: Malaysia
To: Germany


PetRelocation Team


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