Pet Travel Question: Cat Travel to the US

Name: Lauren
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Cat
From: Zurich, Switzerland
To: Washington DC Metro Area


I handle our corporate relocations and we have someone moving from Zurich to the DC Metro area who wishes to bring her cat.

I was reading through your very helpful site and noticed that people relocating pets from Europe to the US don't need to have them quarantined at this time. I just want to confirm that this is correct as I wasn't sure if anything changed.

Can you tell me what, if anything else, this employee will need in terms of paperwork besides vaccination information and a pet passport? I've read somewhere that there may be an import permit needed, but wasn't sure if this was applicable for a cat moving from Switzerland to the US. Many thanks!



Hi Lauren,

Thanks for your questions. Pet transport to the United States is relatively simple, as you can see by reading the pet import requirements for the US. As you'll see there, the US does not require a quarantine for pets at this time. To enter the United States, the pet owner will need only a certificate confirming a current Rabies vaccination and an International Health Certificate issued within 10 days of departure. A veterinarian should be able to provide both of these certificates.

If you have any more questions about pet shipping, feel free to contact us. We actually have an in-house team dedicated to handling corporate relocations and would be happy to connect you to them. Good luck and let us know if you need anything else!


PetRelocation Team





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