Pet Travel Question: Considering a Dog Move to South Korea

Name: Richard
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Yorkie
From: Texas, USA
To: South Korea

I am being offered a two-year contract in South Korea. I would like to accept the position, but my wife will not leave her dog. What are all the requirements, and is there an quarantine in Korea for the dog?




Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for contacting us. It's definitely a challenge to plan an international move and make all the decisions associated with one. Of course your wife wants to bring her dog along (we're pet lovers, too -- we understand!), and we're happy to help.

These are the pet relocation requirements for South Korea. You'll need to have updated vaccines and a few documents endorsed by the USDA, and we recommend spending some time to choose a pet-friendly airline. At this time, there is no quarantine if all requirements are met.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you'd like a free quote. Thanks again, and good luck with everything!



PetRelocation Team




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