Pet Travel Question: Flying with Great Danes

Great DaneHi PetRelocation,

I already have all of the paperwork and blood tests taken care of for my dogs, but I am having a problem finding an airline that will ship a dog as big as my Great Dane.

He is around 130 lbs and 37 inches at the shoulders. Can you help me find an airline that will ship my puppy?


Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your pet travel question! Great Danes can add a little extra work to the whole moving process because they'll need larger than usual travel crates, but with the use of custom crates and some advance preparation the trip can be handled smoothly.

One of the biggest challenges you face is booking a flight that will accommodate the custom travel crate, as not all planes are large enough or have the cargo space available. Here at PetRelocation we often use United Airlines due to their PetSafe program, and we'd recommend calling their Live Animal Desk to find out if they'll accept your large crate on the route you need to get to Hawaii.

Also, be sure to review the pet import requirements for Hawaii as you plan, and feel free contact one of our Pet Relocation Specialists if you have any more questions about pet travel or if you think you'd like to hire some assistance.

We've helped many pets, including large dogs, travel safely to Hawaii and we'd be happy to help you, too. 

Good luck with everything!

Pet Travel Question Details:

Name: Sarah
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Breed: Great Dane and Mini Dachshund
From: Atlanta, GA
To: Honolulu, HI


PetRelocation Team


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