Pet Travel Question: How to Move Pets to Australia

Name: Sheryl
Number of Pets: one
Pet Type: Cat
Pet Breed: No particular breed
From: Thailand
To: New Zealand


We are currently living in Thailand but in the future wish to return to Australia. Australia doesn't accept animals directly from Thailand, so I wondered if going to New Zealand for six months may be the answer as I am originally from there. Any information you could give me about this future move would be very helpful.




Hello Sheryl,

That's a great question. Yes, in order to work around Australia's strict rules, you can move your cat to an approved country for six months prior to the move, but unfortunately New Zealand also imposes a quarantine upon entry so you'll need to choose another country to spend that time.

Check Australia's import requirements to see about the options you have, and please contact us if you have any more questions. We're also happy to provide a free quote if you're interested in hiring some help with your move.

Good luck with your travels, and we hope to hear from you!


PetRelocation Team




Australia, New Zealand
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