Pet Travel Question: India’s Tough Import Requirements

Name: Maria
Number of Pets: 9
Pet Type: 3 dogs, 3 cats and five parrots
Pet Breed: Vizsla (2), Silky Terrier (1), domestic cats (3), African Grey (2), Amazon (2), Green Wing Macaw
From: New York USA
To: Delhi, India

We plan to move to India for about 3 years. How can we take all our pets with us? -Maria

Hi Maria,

Thanks for the pet travel question! For an idea of the basic rules, take a look at the Pet Import Requirements for India. Unfortunately this is one of the stricter countries for importing pets; current rules allow just two pets to be transported per human traveler, and birds are prohibited from entering the country.

Please contact the local authorities to find out more details, or contact one of our Pet Relocation Specialists to discuss your options.

Good luck with everything!


PetRelocation Team




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