Pet Travel Question: Moving Cats to South Korea

Name: Amanda
Number of Pets: 3
Pet Type: Cats
Pet Breed: Domestic Short Hair
From: United States
To: South Korea

My husband is in the military and our first duty station is in South Korea. I'm concerned about moving my cats with us not just because I am unfamiliar with the process of getting them into Korea, but also getting them back into the United States when our tour in Korea is over. They have all of their vaccinations and I have proof of them. With that paperwork, will they still need to be quarantined when we arrive in South Korea? If so how much does it cost and is it at a veterinary clinic? When our tour is over and we move back to the states, what is the quarantine process (if any)?


Hi Amanda,

Thanks for your question! Here are the pet import requirements for South Korea. Since you're coming from the US, if you meet all the basic vaccine requirements, etc., you shouldn't be subjected to a quarantine. IATA also spells out these requirements. As far as coming back to the States, there will not be a quarantine, either. You just have to make sure you meet the pet import requirements for the US and your cats should be fine to come back.

Good luck with everything, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions or concerns.


PetRelocation Team




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