Pet Travel Question: Shipping Birds to the UK?

Hi PetRelocation,

Is it possible to take our hens with us? What check ups/paperwork would we need to get?

Thank you,



Hi Beth,

Thanks for your question! The UK has specific rules and regulations in place when it comes to pet travel, and there are a few particular restrictions in place when it comes to birds.

Here's a link to a DEFRA document addressing the import of captive birds to the UK that walks you through the process, and here is a general overview of international bird travel do's and don'ts.

Please take a look and contact us if you have any more questions. We also have a online consultation form if you'd like to find out more about our services.

Good luck with everything!


Pet Transport Question Details:

Name: Beth
Number of Pets: 4
Pet Type: Hens
From: California, USA
To: UK


PetRelocation Team


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