Pet Travel Question: Shipping Pets to Taiwan

Name: Maya
From: Toronto, Ontario
To: Taipei, Taiwan
Pets: Jack - mixed breed, 5 years old; Joe - mixed breed, 2 years old

I'm having a hard time getting the exact details and prices for moving my cats from Canada to Taiwan. What do I need to bring my cats with me, and how much is this going to cost? Would going with a professional pet relocation company be too extravagant and unnecessary (could I arrange everything myself)? Or would it really be worth the money and make things more convenient for me and the kitties? I'm aware there is a 21 day quarantine, and I'm not sure how my cats will deal with that (or how I will deal with it!).




Hi Maya,

Thanks for contacting us, these are great questions. First, here are the pet import requirements for Taiwan. The costs will depend on a few factors, but if you're interested in finding out an estimate for our services, you can fill out our free quote form.

Many people decide to handle their pet moves themselves, however it does require a fair amount of research and logistics planning. Leaving it to the experts indeed costs more, however many pet owners find that it's well worth it (especially when moving to a country with complicated requirements and/or a quarantine). We'd be happy to discuss your options further, and for reference here is an overview of why people often choose to hire professionals to help with pet moves.

Please contact us if you have any more questions, and good luck with your upcoming pet move!


PetRelocation Team





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