Pet Travel Story: Tosca’s Move to Kuala Lumpur

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Tosca and our family had to move in May 2014 from Calgary, Canada, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We started researching a company that could assist us with immigration document and medical requirements.

When we found out that a week quarantine requirement was in place upon arriving to Malaysia, we contacted PetRelocation for information on their policy and prices. They were immediately very informative, knowledgeable and available to respond to any of our questions, needs and doubt.

Lyndsey and Anna were the main contacts. I cannot say enough on how helpful and available Anna was throughout the process. They took care of contacting the vet in the US ( Tosca was purchased in WA) and got the documents the vet in Calgary refused to issue.

Anna helped us extensively in choosing the right crate for Tosca's long 27-hour flight and kept us informed of every step of the whole process, including docs, flight booking and itinerary, kennel stay and flight transfers.

When Tosca had to spend an additional day in the cat facility close to YYC for a unpredictable event, Anna provided us with photos of Tosca at the cat hotel to show us she was great and everything was going fine. Upon our arrival in Kuala Lumpur, MayZ from Armstrong relocation company assisted us with Tosca's news of her arrival and quarantine kennel transfer as well as on her health.

She went to visit Tosca on our behalf at the quarantine station and took photos, for we were busy setting up the condo we needed to move into. MayZ also provided us with pet stores and vet information in town.

The whole process went smoothly, it took off of our plate the worry and time of collecting the docs, getting the immigration permit for our pet and booking the Malay quarantine station stay for Tosca. Besides, Tosca was taken and delivered door to door by PetRelocation affiliates, so we did not have to do that either.

The whole process was expensive, but if you can afford it and if you love your pet, I highly, highly recommend it. Less worry and excellent service makes you feel you are in the right hands.

One little thing I wish would have gone differently: We did not get back the original cat medical documents from the Quarantine station. I am still attempting to get them back. However, Anna provided me with electronic copies that I gave her during the process.

On a last note, Tosca seemed way less shaken than what we were expecting, and she adapted to the new condo in just one day. She is doing great and has kept her friendly and very playful attitude.

Thanks PetRelocation, I will definitely recommend your services to colleagues of my husband and friends.



Pet Transport Details:

Name: Sabrina
Company: Fluor
Pet's Name: Tosca
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
To: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Canada, Malaysia
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