Pet Travel to India and Saudi Arabia

Name: Anoop
From: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
To: Saudi Arabia, Dammam
Pet: Labrador Retriever

Dear PetRelocation,
I need to relocate my pet from India to Saudi. Would your company assist with the required paperwork to get the dog into Saudi from India and back?

I have no idea if Saudi Arabia is okay with dogs or not and I need all the help I can get to move my dog. If I can't bring him, I will have to skip the assignment.

Hi Anoop,
Sure, we'd be happy to discuss your move with you! Often situations that seem impossible can be handled smoothly after all. Saudi Arabia and India are both tricky countries when it comes to pet travel (we've moved pets to both of those countries), so you're doing the right thing by seeking a little assistance. Our services typically cover pick up and delivery on either end of the trip as well as help with vet paperwork, etc.
Right now you can take a look at the pet import requirements for Saudi Arabia and for India. The final cost will depend on a few details so we'll need to speak to you either by phone or email to find out more. Feel free to give our office a call at your convenience, or you can fill out our online consultation form.
We look forward to speaking with you soon!


PetRelocation Team




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