Pet Travel to Romania With a Navy Family

Hi PetRelocation,

My husband is a former Navy member who is currently working with the Navy. He ships out to Romania, and I will join him in April.

I can only stay three months at a time, so I will spend three months there, three months here. If I want to move the cats to Romania to be with him full time will they need to be quarantined?? I know Romania isn't the safest for animals so I want to avoid my pets being out of our care.

Also, do you think traveling back and fourth every three months would be too much for our kitties?




Hi Kelsi,

Thanks for submitting a question to us, we have a few tips for you that will hopefully help you decide how to move forward with your pet travels.

First, take a look at the pet import requirements for Romania. Initially you'll need to take care of a few things, including getting your cats microchipped if they're not already, helping them get used to their travel crates, obtaining the correct paperwork with your vet's help and booking flights for them on a pet friendly airline.

If all is carried out correctly, there is no quarantine upon arrival. For your return trip, here are the pet import requirements for the United States (you'll notice these are much simpler).

Now, doing all of this for a permanent or long-term relocation makes sense to us and many others, but arranging travel every three months (even if parts of the process are easier -- you don't need to re-do the microchip each time, for example), might be a lot to handle.

Each transit -- either from the US to Romania or Romania to the US -- will require that your cats undergo several hours of traveling and each trip will also cost several hundred dollars or more. Most international flights call for pets to travel in the cargo area of the plane, and this is not an inexpensive undertaking. 

Our advice is to find a happy medium where you can see your cats as frequently as possible without subjecting them to travel multiple times a year, as you'll probably find this isn't feasible or sustainable. (This compromise may entail leaving your cats with a trusted friend or family member when you're gone.)

You're welcome to contact us if you'd like to discuss this matter in greater detail -- we'd be happy to help. Either way, good luck with everything!


Pet Travel Question Details:

Name: Kelsi
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Cats
From: Las Vegas, NV
To: Craiova, Romania


PetRelocation Team





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