Pet Travel Trends: Pet-Sitting Options Affect Holidays in the UK

Though our focus is helping families to bring their pets with them when they move, we like to keep an eye on general pet travel trends, too.

The pet industry has seemed pretty recession proof over these last few years, and we've noticed that more and more hotels and travel services have come to embrace four-legged customers along with their owners. Something from today's news caught our eye, however: It seems that a new development could be emerging in the UK.

According to the Daily Mail and free pet-sitting service, thousands of British citizens will skip taking a vacation or cut theirs short because of inadequate or expensive boarding options for their pets. Kennel and pet sitting costs are on the rise here, making the financial demands of a holiday just too much for many families to justify. According the study cited, many pet owners are also "too embarrassed" to ask family or friends to help out with pet-sitting.

Here in the United States, many pet owners traveling for fun or business without their pets are turning to the dogsitting site, which lets dog sitters list their services and dog owners choose and contact individuals they're interested in checking out. In the UK functions similarly, but here pet owners are able to locate people to take care of their pets very cheaply, on an exchange basis, or even free of charge.

Dedicated pet owners are strong in number, so it's no surprise to see creative solutions to pet-sitting conundrums pop up in places where prices for services are rising in general. Will developments like reverse the trend of Britons ditching their holidays? We'll be following the news to find out.

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