PetRelocation Employee Profile: Ashley, Strategic Accounts Manager

Ashley Myers is a senior member of the PetRelocation team and has experience planning pet moves all over the world, in particular for our corporate clients.

Though she started with us here in Austin, currently Ashley works remotely from her home in Colorado and keeps in touch with the team through daily phone calls and emails.

A dedicated dog owner herself, Ashley is known for being upbeat, detail-oriented and wholly committed to providing excellent service to her clients during the stressful time of moving with their four-legged family members. 

Read on to find out more about Ashley and her journey as a pet travel expert!

Why did you apply to work at PetRelocation?

I love pets, the pet industry, and logistics! Before working here I collected any articles that involved pets -- everything from hotels having a resident dog that guests can borrow and go for a walk, to doggie day care, to the newest bed or toy.

What’s one of the best memories you have from your time here?

Over the years at PetRelocation, I reflect on inspirational chats with our CEO, Kevin O’Brien. At the end of the day he would walk through the office and share pieces of his vision and plans for the company.

What has been your favorite story to tell about working at PetRelocation?

I love living vicariously through my clients! I love learning about their relocation (each one is unique) and providing the peace of mind that we put together the safest and most comfortable move plan for their fur-kid. Most of the time it is the first time for the fur-kid to travel, and there are so many logistics that go into a move that the pet owner does not know where to begin. I hear all the time that the most stressful part of their move is about their fur-kid. 

My favorite part of my job is the reunion. I love the photos showing the love and bond between a pet and their owner.

Ashley's dogs George, Riley and Aston - Valentine Photo Shoot benefiting Mid-America Boston Terrier Rescue

What’s a key piece of advice you would give to someone who is just starting to plan their pet’s move?

If you are considering moving to another country, research the import requirements for pets (some countries can take 6+ months for the pet to prepare). 

Also, kennel acclimation is the most important step for the pet. The more comfortable they are with the kennel the easier the trip will be for him/her.  Get your pet’s kennel asap to allow them as much time as possible to slowly acclimate (depending on the pet it can take 2-3 months for some).

Also, get expert advice. After working at PetRelocation I have insight into what airlines are best for pets. Just because the airline is your favorite does not guarantee they are best for your fur-kid.

Finally, be sure to negotiate your pets’ relocation in your relocation package.

You undertook a relocation of your own a few months ago --  how did your three dogs handle their move to Colorado?

George, Riley, and Aston handled the move like champs. They had experience with long road trips, and George and Riley were so excited to play in the snow (we moved in the winter). And Aston added to her wardrobe; yes, she is a Boston Terrier that LOVES to be dressed up.

Fortunately our fur-kids are kennel trained. This helped them ease into their transition knowing where their “houses” were (their safe place) and once they saw all their toys they forgot all about the trip.

Having the fur-kids also helped us with the transition and stress. Boxes were everywhere, and George would bring me a ball and remind me that we should still allow time to play.

What’s it like working from your pet friendly home office?

A dream come true! It is the best!  Ever since Riley was a 7-week-old puppy she likes to share my chair and sit behind me. In the morning I ask her if “she’s ready to go to work?” and we start the day. She helps to keep me on schedule and knows exactly when it is time to eat. :)

What do you think will change about pet travel in the next five years?

Pets are becoming more and more members of the family across the board. Going out to eat or shopping with your fur-kid is becoming the norm for many.

Perhaps pets will be able to have a seat of their own on commercial airlines? Or maybe there will be special areas for pet and their owner’s seats.

Also, perhaps more countries will do away with quarantine and allow the pet in-home preparation prior to export, similar to Japan.

What advice do you have for people who want to join the PetRelocation team?

Join our team if you are passionate about pets and want to be challenged every day. At PetRelocation you get the opportunity to wear many hats and make a real difference.

What do you wish other people knew about the company?

Pet relocation is just a part of the relocation process and to many it is the most important. Our CEO and leaders work tirelessly to help improve relocation for pets. We are all pet owners at PetRelocation and are very passionate about our jobs.

Which famous pet would you love to meet?

Diamond James, an English Springer Spaniel, who best known for being the 2007 Best in Show winner at the Westminster Dog Show. It was his 51st Best in Show victory and he retired from the ring to focus on his work as a certified therapy dog.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Austin when you come back to visit?

Visit friends and eat Tex-Mex. You cannot find Tex-Mex anywhere else like in Texas. I am on a quest to find good queso (in my opinion) in Colorado.


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