PetRelocation’s Day of Service at Caritas of Austin

A PetRelocation Team Update

PetRelocation is located in downtown Austin, TX, and as a company we make an ongoing effort to support the community through charitable efforts.

Last week, four of our team members gave a few hours of their time to help out at a local organization known for making a big difference in our city.


Here's a little about Caritas of Austin, the organization we chose for our latest volunteer project:

  • Caritas of Austin is a non-profit organization that currently serves 20,000 homeless, working poor and documented refugees in Travis County.

  • Caritas of Austin provides a service continuum for those experiencing poverty that begins with a safety net and links them to resources to achieve self-sufficiency.

  • In their own words: "We envision a community where there is respect for all individuals, hope for those experiencing poverty and opportunities for self-reliance."

  • Caritas will serve 80,000 meals in their community kitchen this year and they also offer take-home groceries, help individuals find jobs, offer educational classes, and help international refugees resettle in the United States.

In summary, they are a fantastic organization worth supporting!

"Caritas is special because they offer so much help to people experiencing homelessness – the Community Kitchen is just one component of the work that they do to help the people of Austin," says Tobi, a Pet Relocation Consultant and one of last week's volunteers.

Penney, our Vendor Coordinator, recommends that other Austinites consider volunteering with Caritas. "Not only will you be helping an organization that already puts its resources toward assisting others in need, you'll be part of a bigger force that really makes an impact in the city," she says.

PetRelocation Specialist Garrett adds, "I would encourage others to volunteer to experience the preparation and hard work that go towards helping others in the community."

Interested in pitching in at Caritas of Austin? Here's how you can help, too.


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