1,916. That’s the number of pets we helped to relocate to their new homes this year. That’s 1,916 journeys across the country or world in 2019. As the year draws to a close, we wanted to reflect on each move, each reunion, and all the adorable pet names we heard this year! 

Here are the most popular names of pets we moved in 2019.

10) Daisy 

This classic name came in at number 10. That is up from the number 11 spot in 2018! 

Fun fact: Beagle was the most common breed with this name and the seventh most common dog breed we moved this year.


9) Ginger

Ginger really grew in popularity this year. Nowhere near the top ten last year, the name Ginger has really made a comeback!

Fun fact: Ginger was one of the more diverse names among four-legged PetRelocation clients this year. In 2019, this moniker belonged to cats, dogs and horses alike! 


8) Molly 

We saw a significant drop in the name Molly, as this was the second most common name in 2018, but it’s still coming in strong at number eight! 

Fun fact: Collies and Mollys went hand in hand this year. Nearly 30% of the pets with this name happen to be collies!


Molly, who moved to Brazil in 2019

7) Buddy

Buddy has held steady as the seventh most popular name for two years in a row.

Fun fact: 30% of the Buddys we relocated this year were domestic shorthair cats. Domestic shorthairs were the most popular breed of animal we moved this year, coming in at 47%.

6) Jack

Wow! Jack made a huge comeback this year going from the 27th spot in 2018 up to number 6 in 2019. 

Fun fact: We had Jacks in all shapes and sizes with a 75-pound labrador all the way down to an 8-pound chihuahua! 


Pomeranian relocated to the Netherlands 2019
Jack, who move to The Netherlands in 2019


5) Sophie

Sophie came in halfway to the top of our list! This name came a long way from number 36 in 2018! 

Fun fact: Sophie comes from an Italian word meaning wisdom. That’s where we get the English word “sophisticated”. 


Sophie, who moved to Costa Rica in 2019

4) Bella

Bella is on the rise! Bella grew in popularity from number six in 2018 to number four in 2019. 

Fun fact: According to Rover.com, Bella is the leading female name nationwide this year! 

3) Luna 

As we head into the top three, Luna is still holding strong onto her ranking from last year! 

Fun Fact: Luna, as a name in general, has been growing wildly in popularity these last few years. Luna is Latin for “the moon”.


Luna moved from US to Singapore in 2019
Luna, who moved to Singapore in 2019

2) Max

Max is really on the up and up. This classic name is up three spots from last year. 

Fun fact: Max was really a name for the dogs this year, with 90% of our furry friends being canine.


1) Charlie

Charlie really came out of nowhere to snag the top name this year! In 2018, it wasn’t even on the radar. 

Fun Fact: Charlie was not only the most common name, but one of the most diverse names, too! Cats, dogs, males and females alike shared this name in 2019!


large dog relocates to South Africa in 2019
Charlie, who moved to South Africa in 2019

No matter their name, if you need help relocating your best friend, we can help! Arrange your move today. Who knows!? Maybe your pet will be at the top of the list in 2020. 


PetRelocation Team





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