Pets, Actually: Casting Call for Pets Arriving at Heathrow

We were recently contacted by a British documentary team looking to feature a post-flight pet reunion in their upcoming "Arrivals and Departures" project. We thought it sounded like fun, so we're helping them spread the word!

Here's the casting call:

A new British ITV documentary is following interesting stories of people flying in and out of London Heathrow Airport. We have covered lots of strong departure stories of people emigrating, travelling for work, and those embarking on poignant foreign travel. 

We are now looking for ARRIVAL stories – if you are flying an animal into Heathrow Airport between now and March 2014 please get in touch!

0044 20 3301 8524

If you've always wanted to reenact the opening scene from Love Actually with your pet, now's your time to shine.

Good luck and have fun!



PetRelocation Team




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