Planning Ahead for Safe Summer Pet Travel

Name: Suzie
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Golden Retriever


Dear PetRelocation,

I'm concerned about moving my 3-year-old Golden Retriever from Canada to Qatar in April 2014.

I understand that it starts to get very hot around this time in Qatar. Is this something i need to think about before I put Gibson on a plane? At what point do i say, "it's too hot for him to travel"? What is the cut off temperature?




Hi Suzie,

That's a good question. Temperatures definitely affect pet travel and it's important to plan ahead so as to keep pets safe and work around embargoes. When using a pet friendly airline, hot and cold temperatures don't come into play quite as much because, with carriers who have established pet policies, pets are exposed to outside conditions as minimally as possible.

That being said, many airlines operate using summer embargoes so as to avoid risk altogether. These policies change from year to year, so it would be a good idea to check with the airline you're thinking about using to find out how they alter their schedule during the summer. Here is more information about pet safety during summer travel for your information.

If you're interested in speaking to a PetRelocation specialist about your options (we have dedicated Asia/Middle East team members who have moved many pets to Qatar), please fill out our free quote form or give our office a call. You can also look over the pet import requirements for the Qatar here. Correction: A previous version stated "UAE" rather than "Qatar." We've updated the link to the Qatar requirements here. Thanks to our friend Jane for the correction!

Good luck with everything, and we hope to hear from you soon. 


PetRelocation Team




Canada, UAE
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