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Hi PetRelocation,
What are the requirements for taking two healthy vaccinated buns to Spain with us? They are my children and we simply will not move without them. Pets are family and family is forever. Is there quarantine in Spain?

They are my loves.
Thank you,

Hi Kendall,
Thank you for your question! We typically suggest referring to the USDA or the European Commission website when seeking out particular pet import rules, particularly when you're moving a pet other than a cat or dog. Rabbits are classified as "other live animals" and as you can see here, standard EU legislation does not apply to them.
That means that each country may handle their import differently, so we would suggest looking over the information in the link above and also reaching out to the Spain Ministry of Agriculture or similar authority to find out what you can do to expedite your rabbits' arrival into the country.
Rabbits can be sensitive travelers, so we also recommend talking to your vet about how you can help them enjoy a safe trip. Also, be sure to contact the airline you'll be using to find out what the travel rules are for them. You'll need to have airline approved travel crates, for example, and will most likely need to fly them via cargo. Please read over these general pet travel tips and this overview of rabbit travel for more information.
Hopefully this helps to get you started! Please let us know if we can help you arrange this move and good luck with your family's relocation to Spain!
Pet Travel Question Details:
Name: Kendall
Estimated Move Date: December 2016
Reason: Work
From: Cape Town, South Africa
To: Granada, Spain
Pets: Caramello and Cupcake (Rabbits)


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