Q&A: Dog Travel to Canada From Turkey

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Does Canada require a quarantine process for pets imported from Turkey? And for the flight, what are the recommendations to help ease the journey for our dog?

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Hi Sera,

Thank you for submitting your questions to us! We're happy to help with some information. First, take a look at the official pet import requirements for Canada. As you'll see, the government website lists all rules and regulations depending on the country of origin.

Your dog will not need to fulfill a quarantine upon arrival -- rather, you'll just need a rabies vaccination certificate. You'll also need to check with the airline you're using to find out what their requirements for your dog will be. Finally, here are a few basic pet travel tips we'd recommend taking a look at, as well.

In terms of helping your dog enjoy a calm flight, please know that sedation is not recommended or even allowed (most airlines won't fly a pet who appears to have been sedated). Instead, focus on crate training in the weeks before the move. The more your dog sees the crate as a safe, normal place to spend time, the less anxiety she or he will feel during the flight. Taking your dog for a long walk before the flight and generally focusing on exercise in the days beforehand will also be helpful.

Hope this gets you started, Sera. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance by filling out our online pet travel consultation form.

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Pet Travel Question Details:

Name: Sera
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Terrier Mix (20 kg)
From: Turkey
To: Canada


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