Q&A: Traveling to Australia With Pets

Hi PetRelocation,
How much does it cost to bring my cat Perlita from Quito to Sydney and what to I need to do to do this? Also, how long would she stay in quarantine?

We are planning for a visit to study in Australia.
Hi Carmen,
Thank you for your inquiry. First, please review the official instructions for pet imports into Australia via the official government website. Unfortunately, as you'll find out it is not possible to bring a pet directly from Ecuador to Australia. You will need to transit through a third country and follow the vaccine and preparation schedule very carefully.
This doesn't mean it's impossible to bring Perlita with you to Australia, however it will take quite a bit of time (at least 180 days) and planning to complete the relocation. Note also that there will be a 10 day quarantine upon arrival -- this is true for all pets entering the country.
Coming from Ecuador and passing through a third country will also make the process more expensive. We would need a few more details before offering a quote, but in our experience pet owners usually spend at least $5,000 USD for a move like this.
If you think you'd like some assistance with this move, please contact us for guidance. You're also welcome to read over the pet travel stories submitted to us by recent pet travelers for a better idea of what to expect.
Hope this helps, Carmen. Good luck and happy traveling!
Pet Travel Question Details:
Name: Carmen
Estimated Move Date: 30/6/2016
Reason: Work
From: Quito, Ecuador
To: Sydney, Australia
Pet: Perlita, Siamese, 3 years old, 3kg


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