Qantas Reverses Its Travel Ban Affecting American Staffordshire Terriers

Today revealed some good news for pet travelers of a certain breed. According to the Daily Telegraph, Australia's Qantas Airlines has announced it will lift its ban on flying American Staffordshire terriers, a policy many in the pet community have called discriminatory and loudly protested since its inception last year.

In response to the controversial policy, Staffie lovers used Facebook to voice their outrage, threatened to boycott the airline, and over 6,000 people signed a petition protesting the ban.

After hearing these complaints and undertaking a "successful trial" Qantas has reversed the ban, but requires that dogs of this breed fly in airline-approved guard dog cages or CR-82 wire mesh reinforced cages. Bookings also must be arranged through a pet transport agency.

Another policy has also been modified: snub-nosed breeds formerly allowed on domestic flights only may now fly internationally. These breeds include Himalayan and Persian cats, Pugs, Pekingese and British Bulldogs. Owners hoping to fly with these breeds must sign an agreement acknowledging the increased risks involved.

Read more about Qantas's decision here, and please contact PetRelocation with your questions about breed restrictions, moving pets to Australia, or anything else related to pet travel.


photo by Jay Lee via Flickr


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