Sacred Cats of Rome

Its an experience every tourist who visits Rome goes through. The feral cats largely found living in the ancient monuments of Rome are very soft and lovable cats. You cant stop falling in love with them. Rome's cats are different. There are about 2000 colonies in Rome and close to 300,000 cats living in them. They have been living in this region for ages now and with their existence for years and years the Rome's city council has started to protect the cats naming them the Bio Heritage of Rome.

The city has a huge cat sanctuary, called the Torre Argentina.The abandoned cats are taken care in this sanctuary. As you enter this place and glance around the ruins of the four temples you spot a black and white shaded cat on the broken columns, a few lazing around on the wall, a few just brush past you as they were unaware you were here, a grey colored one looks at you and makes you feel as if he was waiting for you to arrive.The mood inside this place is very soothing and the cats are everywhere.

This sanctuary was founded in 1993 to take care of the cats that were in trouble. The cats in these ruins of Rome were in need of food. .This sanctuary is run by few volunteers and mostly using tourists money which they collect. But once people learned about this sanctuary the inflow of abandoned pets has increased.

The sanctuary maintains a computerized list of cats and their stats. You can come here and adopt those lovely cats and take them home. There have been a lot of adoptions taking place but never enough to match the inflow of cats into this region.

However the sanctuary makes sure to take care of all new arrivals. All new cats are quarantined and medical attention is provided to protect them. There are dedicated do vets to take care of these cats.

There is a huge requirement for this sanctuary to find new homes for the cats. So if you have a heart towards cats these can be adopted so easily.The sanctuary also allows you to pay some minimal amount of money for taking care of a cat and it keeps you posted about its activities. Pictures of your pet will also be sent across to you.

If you are moving into Italy there are lot many options for you to enjoy your sta and your cat travel. Be a champion and adopt a cat so that it might be a friend to your own cat. Take your cat for a stroll in the ruins and see if it finds a friend whom you would be able to adopt. Wouldn't it be a treat to watch an abandoned life being sheltered under your roof?

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