Everything You Need to Know About Cat Transport & Travel

Whether you’re preparing for a permanent move, temporary move, or short-term trip across the US or the globe, figuring out how to arrange safe cat transport can be confusing and overwhelming. Cat relocation can be complicated, particularly if it involves an international destination requiring vet exams, health certificates, an import permit, and more. It is important to carefully plan your cat's delivery – no matter the distance.

Fear not; you and your whiskered companion don't have to face this transport journey alone! Our pet relocation experts have compiled comprehensive resources to guide you through the cat shipping process, demystifying national and international regulations. If you prefer personalized assistance and peace of mind, PetRelocation offers a fully managed cat delivery service to ensure your cat's safe and smooth transition to their new home.

Know Before You Go: Special Concerns for Shipping Cats

When shipping animals a long distance across international borders, pet owners should be sure to research the regulations and requirements of the specific airlines they are using, as well as any regional laws.

Understanding the requirements of cat relocation in different countries can help the entire process be less stressful for you and your feline friend.

How Do You Need To Move Your Pet?

Get the details on how you can safely and efficiently transport your cat with specialized cat transport services. The best option for shipping pets may vary depending on if you’re flying or need ground transport across the country. However, the requirements vary on how you choose to transport your cat.

Research more about these options for cat delivery that make a safe relocation hassle-free so everyone involved is happy and healthy.

Learn How We Move Your Pet

We understand that each pet relocation is unique and requires specialized care. That's why our experienced team of experts provides top-notch cat transportation services and dedication and knowledge to ensure a safe journey for your furry family members!

We’re here to answer all your questions about cat transportation services. From the required vaccinations and documentation to the best cat carriers for long journeys and tips for keeping your feline friend comfortable on planes. Our highly experienced team knows the ins and outs of cat shipping and is happy to share their knowledge with you!

Don't let organizing pet travel leave your head spinning; take advantage of our cat delivery services so that everyone arrives safe and sound at their destination.

Pet Travel Stories

“I have no doubt that we would not have been able to do this without PetRelocation and I would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone needing to relocate their furry family members. ”

— Georgina

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