Shipping Pets Safely: “Why Does it Cost So Much?”

Understanding the Costs of Pet Shipping Services

Mushu a small dog that moved from Brazil to MexicoBreaking Down the Costs of Pet Transport Services

Relocating a pet is a complex and delicate process that requires careful planning, attention to detail, and consideration for the well-being of your furry companion. At PetRelocation, we understand the concerns of pet owners and are dedicated to providing exceptional pet transport services. But why does it cost so much to move a pet? Let's break down the components of pet relocation to provide a clear picture of what's involved.

Essential Components of a Pet Move:

Import Permits and Government Endorsements

  • Moving your pet to a new country may require obtaining formal permission and endorsements from government authorities, such as the USDA or Consular Offices. These documents ensure compliance with regulations and safe entry for your pet.

Vet Health Certificate

  • A vet health certificate is often required to show the airline that your pet is healthy and fit to fly. This certificate is typically issued within 10 days of departure.

Pick-up and Delivery: A Comfortable Ride for Your Pet

  • Your pet will be transported in a climate-controlled vehicle by a trusted driver, ensuring a safe journey from your home to the airport and to their new home upon arrival. Time and fuel costs for pick-up and delivery are essential considerations.

Your Pet's Plane Ticket: Choosing the Right Route

  • The airfare for your pet is a significant part of the cost. Pets must be carefully routed through pet-friendly airlines, and any extended layovers must include comfort stops at pet hotels. Airlines also charge higher rates for live animals due to liability and the additional attention they require.

Airport Check-In and Customs Clearance

  • Navigating check-in procedures and customs clearance requires specialized assistance. Tariffs, taxes, and country-specific fees are paid upon entry, and paperwork must be in order. Assistance with entry procedures ensures a smooth transition for your pet.

Personalized Care: A Dedicated Relocation Coordinator

  • Your Pet Relocation Coordinator is your point of contact for every aspect of your pet's move. From researching flight options to securing import approvals, our specialists are dedicated to keeping you informed and ensuring a smooth move. Communication with customs offices, import permissions, and real-time updates are part of the personalized care we offer.

Trust the Experts: Your Pet's Well-Being Is Our Priority

  • While it may be tempting to look for cheaper options, hiring experienced professionals ensures that your pet receives the best care throughout their journey. Our clients often express their gratitude for our attentive services and the peace of mind it brings. Your pet is more than just cargo—they're a beloved member of your family, and their safety and comfort are our top priorities.

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