Singapore Pet Travel Question: Breed Bans and Import Rules

Dear Sir or Madam,

Next year we'll probably move from Belgium to Singapore, but my research indicated that some breeds are forbidden. Since two of my dogs are strays, they can't be categorized under a certain breed (they are from Serbia and Greece but are completely checked, microchipped, etc. Everything is correct).

Do you think this might be a problem?

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Hi Valerie,

Thanks for your questions! Singapore is very particular about pet import rules, but with the right preparations it's possible to arrange safe travels.

First, take a look at the official import requirements for Singapore as well as these frequently asked questions about pet travel to Singapore. As you probably already know, Singapore requires that pets have a rabies titer test and fulfill a quarantine upon arrival.

Certain breeds, including Pit Bulls, are banned, and many face stricter rules upon arrival. Via the official Singapore pet import website:

On this note we recommend researching rules and your housing options carefully in order to make sure you find a place that will allow your dogs. Please also note that Singapore only allows three dogs per residence -- again, we recommend reading over all the details of Singapore's rules and restrictions and contacting the necessary authorities if you have any questions.

In order to travel and obtain all the correct paperwork, your dogs' breeds will need to be identified. If you're not sure exactly what breeds they are, you can ask your veterinarian to provide their best guess based on the dogs' size, coloring, body type, facial structure, etc. This shouldn't create any problems unless your dogs resemble Pit Bulls or another banned breed.

Hopefully this information helps you start your Singapore planning in the right direction! If you're interested in hiring assistance with your move, contact us here to schedule a consultation with our Singapore pet relocation specialist.

Thanks again for the question and good luck with everything!



Pet Travel Question Details:

Name: Valerie
Number of Pets: 4
Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Breed: 2 Labradors (Yellow & Chocolate) & two mixed breed dogs
From: Belgium
To: Singapore


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